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J. Fromm Studio, Pleasant Hill CA 
email: jfromm4art@aol.com
Website Address: www.jeannettefromm.com 

Fundraising for local Organizations in Contra Costa County

Some Fundraising Options:

  • Sign-Up Painting Party: (a painting party for kids, or a wine and art party for adults). Auction off the seats for the party. Choose a theme for the painting, and the Artist will guide the class step by step. Artist provides the supplies needed for event: a canvas, paint, brushes, easles to work on, and an apron to wear while painting. No experience necessary. It's a lot of fun, and everyone goes home with their new art. Suggested cost per painter $45.

       (10 person minimum)

  • Silhouette Mural (auction off 6 individual hand painted sillouettes to the highest bidders. Winning bidders get their child's silhouette included in the mural). Location of mural to be determined. Suggested opening bid per silhouette $150+

     Other Ideas:

  • Class Project or student Projects (to auction at an event). Depending on the project, there may be a fee for materials. Otherwise, most supplies are provided by artist.

  • Wine Bottle Art (unique gift idea to add to anyones collection). Wine bottle to be provided by client.

Jeannette Fromm ~Art Everyday

Interested in raising money for your school or organization? I offer my services as an artist for fundraising. See options below.

Your school or organization keeps 50% of the funds raised. The artist provides all supplies, instruction for classes, set up and clean up. 

​Email for more information.